Imagination Museum By Liam N and Morgan

You are a block of concrete, containing the valuables of the earth.

You are a golden monkey, standing in a position unknown to all.

You are a painting, hanging from the old, cracking pillar.

You are the oldest computer, gathering and collecting dust.

You are a vase, fading in the clear glass box.

You are a fossil, rotting and eating the limited air in the glistening cuboid.

You are a cave drawing, full of blue and green scribbles and drawings.

You are a stromatolite, missing your home on the beach front.

You are an a thousand year old tree, losing your leaves for the thousandths time.

You are the notebook of Charles Darwin, crumpling and disintegrating.

You are a plastic caveman, raising your club to defeat you plastic enemy.

You are closing down, making the kids sad.

You are the end.

One Response to “Imagination Museum By Liam N and Morgan”

  1. Not only is this a lovely poem, but I admire the clever links you have made throughout to our current topic of Evolution and Inheritance. Great team work!

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