You are poem by Eden

You are a lost penguin, found on an iceberg                                                                                       like a stranded polar bear.


You are a dried tired fish,

 nowhere to be found.

You are a shimmer of sun,

 waiting to be used.


You  are a lonely strawberry,

waiting to be picked.


You a are an enchanted world

waiting to be mesmerised


You are a book ,

waiting to be discovered.


You are a doll,

waiting to be loved.


You are a Sunday feeling,

knowing your going to school tommorow .


You are water ,waiting to be drank.


You are a tiger,

wanting to be fed.


You are sleep,

turning your dreams to good.


You Are the happiness of a dog ,

waiting for the owner to come home.


You are a poem ,

waiting to be read.


You are one half of love ,

waiting to find the other piece .


You are the taste of a crunchy biscuit,

waiting to be dipped into the warm tea.



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