You are winter

Your are winter,

opening his frosty eyes to dead trees,
frozen leaves and Christmas.

You are an apple
secretly hidden in
your sneaky teacher’s pocket

You are the national speed limit
placed peacefully next to the road
as cars whizz past you.

Your are a cheetah
hunting down his prey
as slow as a snail.

12 Responses to “You are winter”

  1. An amazing poem,my birthday is in December and the best month of the year

  2. Love the idea of christmas!What apple where you thinking of?
    Erin and Ellie-Mai

  3. We love the idea of christmas!
    What kind of apple are you thinking of?
    You can use more detail.

  4. I like the way you have put detail but maybe improve on punctuation you have missed some out Erin.A.

  5. Love that you picked winter for the base !

  6. I loved the idea of Christmas
    what kind of food are you thinking of?
    you could use more detail

  7. Great poem about a person opening his frosty eyes but what made him opening his eyes.

  8. I love the idea of where it says opening your eyes, to frosty dead trees
    what type of apple is it?
    can you use a bit more description?

  9. I love the idea of the magnet with millions of kids playing on you.
    Can you put more description to this?

  10. i really like your word placement
    what was your insperation?
    try to add more description like what coulour the apple is.

  11. Great poem !
    Where did you get your fabulous ideas from?
    Maybe you can put it on one like you are a lion waiting to pounce like a horse?

  12. i really love the description and the poem in general
    how come you decided to do winter instead of summer or spring or autumn?

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