Life by Evie

You are a Labrador waiting to be feed the soft kibble,

You are teacher sound a sleep like a mouse bitten by a back cat,

you are like a frozen pond waiting to be found in the thick snow.


You are the best smelling, showering, slithering snake-like best friend anyone could have,

You are a chocolate cake trying to run for your life,

You are rolling to the bottom of the bumpy, stony hill.

You are a cowardly chicken, screaming in the freezing cold that you can’t escape from.

You are a pair of red glasses, you will become free one day.

You are a bed, bouncing, bubbling, bread baking.

One Response to “Life by Evie”

  1. Ruslana and Poppy October 1, 2020 at 10:37 am

    We really like your poem that it is very good.

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