What Are You?

You  are a glistening tree  swaying at the light blue sky.

You are  the beautiful buttercups in the glowing grass.

You are the sound of the singing birds as they fly in the cotton candy clouds.

You are the taste of fluffy cotton clouds mixed with  a piece of  the hot fiery sun.

You are the touch of a soft pebble in  the dry grainy sand.

You are Lunar Love good helping Harry defeat the dark force.

You are as brave as Harry Potter taking the Philosopher ‘s Stone from Lord Voldemort.

You are in the hot rocky beach that is filled with freezing sea.

You are the impossibility of hot ice, cold sun , dead life and a silent scream.

You are a joyful human  walking around the angelic earth as it moves in space.

You are the taste of scrumptious apple waiting to be eaten by hungry school children.

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