What are you? by Sinead

You are a curios cat searching over 8 years to find the golden meatball.

You are as small as a gumball waiting to be eaten.

You are a lovely Lilly flower as blue as the sky

You are the size of a baby giant.

You are a big book blinding eyes when the reader reads you.

you are the world map searching all the country’s.

You a  calendar  keeping control  of the months.

You are a fluffy cloud watching all the houses.

You are a white rubber getting rid of all those naughty little mistakes.

You are a  pencil  writing down all of the great information

You are the sun curled up into a ball of fire.

You are a bouncing ball having fun with all the kids.

One Response to “What are you? by Sinead”

  1. Hi Sinead I love all of your poem mostly the you are a lovely lily flower as blue as the sky.
    Have you enjoyed doing teaching live?
    Maybe you could challenge your self a bit more.

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