You are

You are a beautiful number 1 stretching as high as a giraffes neck reaching  up to eat leaves from the   fresh green juicy trees.

You are a spectacular, ripe apple as red as Rudolph the reindeers nose.

You are the impossibility of  easy and impossible, fresh and unripe, fun and boring.

You are the tastiest smell of all, people walk past you and might as well come and pay all their money to catch  a whiff.


2 Responses to “You are”

  1. I like the allitaration that you did.
    Can you think of a better word for green?
    Try and describe the giraffe

  2. Sammy and Jacob October 1, 2020 at 10:32 am

    I like the way you describe the number 1 reaching as high as a tree. I don’t understand how a person Can smell tasty on the last one. Next time try to explain more about the different things in the poem.

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