You are!

You are a diary ,

holding the secrets

of a life ,

hiding them from nosy people.


You are a tiger,

laying in wait of prey,

waiting for an opportunity to





You are a pencil,

scratching across the page,

calculating the sums answer.




You are a marble,

rolling uncontrollably down the hall,

towards the steps of an

unknowing person.


You are a laptop,

patently to be turned on,

and feel the electricity

surge through you.



















One Response to “You are!”

  1. Wow! I love this poem! The ideas of these verses are brilliant! Where did you get the ideas for the vocabulary? Well where did you get the idea for all of it? It’s all brilliant except from the fact that you missed out so many line between the verses. I mean it’s just my opinion, but it’s a pet peeve of many. So yeah. Well done!

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