You are anything by Frankie

 You are the lady, who sells sea shells on the sea shore,
You are a shooting star waving good bye to the galaxy, as you zoom through the night sky,
You are a single planet hanging in the sky by a single string waiting to fall into the darkness, 
You are an eagle scavenging for food at every side of the land,
You are a lunatic Labrador galloping across the garden,
You are a star shining and twinkling in the galaxy’s colourful hands,
You are a juicy, peach waiting to be juiced into a new creation, 
You are a dancing Dachshund trotting down the street,
You are  glove waiting to be put on a hero’s hand,
You are a student waiting to be taken on a exciting school trip,
You are a lollipop waiting to be picked by a bubbly child,
You are the first man on the moon ready for your name to go down in history,
You are a bare bookshelf  waiting to be refilled with wonderful books, 
You were once a dream but now a nightmare, 
You have the scent of my Nan’s hand holding tightly to mine,
You are the sweet to my sour, 
You are the end.   

10 Responses to “You are anything by Frankie”

  1. I like the way you said waving bye to the Galaxy

  2. Hi there frankie love the work like it when it said shooting star waving goodbye to the galaxy well done good punctuation good job

  3. Frankie I like how you used the phrase you are lady who sell sea shells on the beach. Good piece of work.

  4. Hi Frankie I like how you used waving good bye to the galaxey also I like the eagle line scavenging for food on every side of land. Well done.

  5. Thank you everyone im sooo happy!!!

  6. Amber and Bella October 1, 2020 at 10:30 am

    Hello frankie i really like this so much

  7. Hello Frankie!

    I like the bit about the shooting star.

    Have you ever done poetry before?

    Maybe you could add a bit more to you are the sweet to my sour.

    Otherwise well done! Hope you can do more on the blog I loved your post!

  8. To Frankie i loved the bit about the shells what colouer was the shells ?

  9. Hi Frankie remember us! We love this poem.

  10. Bob and Boberina October 8, 2020 at 10:24 am

    Excusme, frankie do you mind replying to us?
    Bob and Boberina xx

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