You are… by Luke

You are rain hitting the ground like meteors crashing down on Earth and destroying everything in sight

You are a Golden Retriever running happily through the long crisp grass like a bullet shooting from a gun.

You are a rubber erasing out mistakes like there is no tomorrow.

You are central heating working overtime to keep people warm in the winter.

You are my worn out jumper waiting to be mended.

4 Responses to “You are… by Luke”

  1. I really like it
    Why did you chose a golden retriever
    Maybe instead of a bullet shooting from a gun you could do a flash of lightning dancing in the sky but apart from that i love it.

  2. I realy like why did you choose a golden retriever maybe instead of a bullet shooting.

  3. I loved worn out jumper.
    Why is the trunk so long?
    You could make it longer.

  4. 1, I love it when you used a Golden Retriever
    2, Why did you say* You are a rubber erasing out mistakes like there is no tomorrow*?
    3, You could improve the part when you say *Bullet Shooting*.
    Apart from that, Your imagination is really, really amazing.

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