You are by Megan

You are an enchanting bell as yellow as the sun.

You are the bitter January,it is always like a block of ice.

You are an enjoyable,affectionate and friendly tortoise shell cat as lazy as a tortoise.

You are a very pleasant Monday the first day of a brilliant and dazzling week.

You are the delightful memory of my sweet granddad,when he used to make me cheerful and joyful when I was sad.

You are a silvery Mercury as grey as an old building.

You are a fascinating smell,of a glittery,showy and elegant.

You are the end of my delightful poem.

3 Responses to “You are by Megan”

  1. That’s really good Megan!
    I loved the part where you said “You are the end of my delightful poem”
    I don’t think you can improve anything Well Done!

  2. I love the part where you said you are the end of my delightful poem next step check spelling.

  3. thanks Evie I tried my best

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