You are poem

You are a cat,
waiting to pounce,
watching and waiting.

You are the sound of,
an owl flying,
a silent whisper. 

You are the inspiration of,
an author,
a zap of of creativity.

You are a snail,
slowly slithering,
along your trail.

You are a voice,
showing the way,
like a shining light.

You are the imagination of,
a toddler,
a train to inspiration.

You are the eco,
a voice,
try find its way.

 You are a window,
crystal clear,
like a looking glass.

One Response to “You are poem”

  1. Hi Martha,
    1. I like the line………. you are a cat waiting to pounce
    2. What is it waiting to pounce on?
    3. How long has it been waiting to pounce?
    Good job Martha by Caiden.

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