What are you?By Jonny

What are you?

You are a shiny sun sparkling around the world for million of years.

You are the thought that starts each morning, conclusion to each day.

You are a green grass growing in the massive school field.

You are a blue sky like a shield protecting the round world.

You are a microscopic bubble trapping a tiny bit of air.

You are the end.

3 Responses to “What are you?By Jonny”

  1. Very very good Jonny .

    How did you think of these ideas Jonny?

    Good job I think you could add a little more on you’re poem a part from that good job.

  2. No yo are the end joony

  3. Your post was really good

    Maybe say something instead of “green grass”, make it more describing.

    I like the second line.

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