A you are poem

You are a sausage dog,
Running through the field,
Like a sausage with legs, a tail and a face.

You are a cloud,
Fluffy and warm,
Like a giant ball of cotton.

You are a beautiful rainbow parrot,
Soaring high above the treetops.

You are a forgotten wish,
Left on the roadside,
Like a piece of trash.

You are a piece of fruit,
Rotting slowly in the bin,
Like a long forgotten toy but less exciting,

You are a snotty tissue,
Shoved up the teachers sleeve.

You are a shadow,
Watching me wherever I go,
Like a friend who has lost their voice.

You are a school bin,
Death from the screaming of children,
Watching people scrunch their nose up at you,

You are a flower,
Waiting to be picked and put in a vase.

You are a dinosaur,
Running harmlessly to the lake,
Like a harmless animal, but someone made you sound dangerous.

One Response to “A you are poem”

  1. It is so good
    Why did you call a you are poem
    Your a dinosaur I think you could of put a bit more

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