My Poem of Different Things by Seb .

You are an orange,as orange as an orange.

You are a child  as cheeky ,as a baby monkey.

You are a whale, as large as a school.

You are a monstrous Monday ,making more maths.

You are  a five year old as, clever as Einstein.

You are an eclipse,that is powerful enough to blind people.

You are as pale as snow white.

You are as lucky,as number seven.

You are as gassy as Jupiter.

5 Responses to “My Poem of Different Things by Seb .”

  1. I love this the orange one made me laugh!
    Why is Monday monstrous?
    For the five year old one you could name the person and give it a gender!

  2. I like the part about oranges
    Does Jupiter even have grass?
    Maybe you could name the child

  3. You need to do something instead of orange
    I like when you said pale as snow

  4. Seb I really like yours I don’t think you need to change anything.

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