My “You are” poem

You are the king of the kingdom, proudly conquering the 783rd ring on Saturn

You are the key to the frost but the devil to the flame

You are a lost sock not waiting to be found

You are the possibility of

A silent scream

A hot winter

And dry water

You are existing meaningfully but not living symbolically

You are the colour of an orange hidden in the earths layers

You are a bag full of vases trapped in a page of a book

You are the victim of a clown and a mime.

You are a moment in time that vanished

Just like as if a feather fell to the ground.

You are a character in a book that doesn’t know they are being controlled

Like a drop of water falling into nothingness.

You are a lonely grape that could brake any second like a lost star floating in mid space.

One Response to “My “You are” poem”

  1. This is the best poem in the world.

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