You are…

You are as cold as ice covered all over your body.

You are a giant stomping on houses and knocking them down step by step.

You are a yellow sunflower as beautiful as chocolate.

You are a sunflower as bright as the sun.

You are fizzy Coca Cola like lemonade when you shake it up.

You are as skinny as a chair leg.

You are as hairy as a chicken.

You as cold as ice cream on a icy.

You are as fizzy as mentos and coca.

You are as cold as the snow.

2 Responses to “You are…”

  1. 1.We like the comparison to mentos
    3. May be more examples other than fizzy drinks

  2. I like the one about the. Sunflower being as bright as the sun I like it a lot

    Why is the sunflower like chocolate ?

    Maybe put the two sunflower ones together and the make a lot of paragraphs this will make a good poem then !

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