You are by Hannah-Grace TJS


You are a juicy orange waiting

to be peeled and moved to the bowl

You are a black and white kitten

with a meow as sweet as a rose.

You are a spiky pineapple

waiting to prick someone mean.

You are a turquoise glue stick

bouncing across the street.

You are a red ruler

as straight as roman roads.

You are a spoon in the drawer

that is a evil mastermind.

You are a bright water bottle

with a green liquid inside.

You are a pencil case with glitter shining

In the sun.

You are a unlucky notebook

that has erased all memories of life.

You are TJS a school filled with children

which is fun and simple.




One Response to “You are by Hannah-Grace TJS”

  1. I love your poem!!!!!
    Maybe don’t put ‘THE END’ ?
    And I love the line ‘you are a unlucky notebook, that has erased all the memories of life’.
    You are an amazing author.

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