Seasons by Sammi

Freezing cold snow fills the ground

a blanket wrapping the ground

Baubles have been hung


Leaves crunch beneath

Like a colourful blanket

Rain falls hardly


Birds can be heard

Snow is no more it is gone

Sunshine is now back


Daffodils have appear

Young calves have now been born

Heat has struck we burn


Snowballs have been thrown

Roast can be smelt from miles away

Tweeting Birds are gone now

2 Responses to “Seasons by Sammi”

  1. Your poem is amazing, the way you used the syllables with all of those adjectives, but to make it even better would be if you added commas at the end of each sentence because it is a poem and some of your adjectives could be a little better, but keep up the good work Sammi!

  2. Nice work Sammi your punctilious was brilliant.

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