Jasmine by Eliyana@Belmont

Despite the eeriness and the fact that her palms were sweating, Jasmine creeped towards the silhouette- caged master bedroom.  Gazing out of the skylight, a mournful, young girl about the same age as Jasmine met her eyes.  Lilly (as Jasmine found out from her wristband), who was clothed in a pink ballgown and tiara, turned to see who had made the floorboard creak.  Lilly looked as if she was about to perish.  Her dark blue eyes seemed as if they were almost moving.  A single tear dripped on her sapphire shoes.  She wrung her hands in despair.

One Response to “Jasmine by Eliyana@Belmont”

  1. Hi Eliyana, it is Lenny from Chorley St James.

    1. This is amazing!
    2. What made you pick the name Jasmine?
    3. To make this even better, on the first sentence where it says Jasmine creeped towards it would be crept towards.

    Anyway keep the good writing up!

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