Late -Buster SWW

Everyone was half way though singing happy birthday to Benjamin, In the town hall, then there was bang! ” What did I miss?” shouted William, as loud as he could. There was a click. it was Lucas, he walked in quietly trying not to be seen, Lucas was walking behind where the cake was sat on a stool, William saw the cake then purposely knocked over the stool towards Lucas and a second later it was all over Lucas’s best jeans. Benjamin started to cry, then Lucas saw a grin on Williams face. He saw William hand over a little present so Benjamin began to open with a “thanks” soon as he undone the ribbon and a boxing glove came flying out with bricks stuffed inside it. Bullseye, It hit Benjamin right smack bang right in the nose. Lucas put his hands in a cup shape, and covered his eyes. “no, no, no” he mumbled. After Benjamin had got his nose cleared they called William’s and Lucas’s mum then when their mum and dad turned up they were walking down the steps then, William pushed Lucas down then William got in the car and left Lucas behind.

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  1. I thought this was a really good story I liked it how you had lots of description in it.

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