The haunted house

One snowy night Lily was having a sleepover with her friends, they were playing truth or dare. It was Lily’s turn her friend Ellie gave her a dare as Lily chose dare. Ellie’s dare to Lily was. ‘I dare you to go into the haunted school.’ Lily gets scared of everything but she wanted to show her friends she could do it. So they waited for it to hit midnight then they left the house to the haunted school. 


The school entrance had spider webs and writing in blood, it looked like someone had tried to enter but didn’t make it out. Now Lily had chills travel through her spine, her hands were frozen. Even her friends were scared to go in, now Ellie felt bad so she decided to go in with Lily.


As the two girls entered the school they could hear screams and footsteps heading towards them. Suddenly a strange creature appeared. The two girls sprinted out and got on their bikes but their friends weren’t there they had already gone home. Ellie mentioned to never go back, but the creature was following them. No one new what happens then….

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