The Unknown, Colourless Figure by Kodi@Belmont

Although Adam was petrified of horror movies, he swiftly entered into the bedroom.  Perched on the windowsill was an unknown, colourless figure.  The miniature lady, who seemed to have a vintage dress and looked poor, appeared ashamed of something.  As her eyes glanced down at Adam, she held out a hand as if she needed help. It was the wrinkly hand of an old woman.

3 Responses to “The Unknown, Colourless Figure by Kodi@Belmont”

  1. I like where you said a colourless figure

  2. I love the detail of the old woman on the windowsill.
    Why did she want help?
    You could say she looked like a worn down toy.

  3. Hi you’ve done one good job with this writing, I like the first sentence the best.

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