Unhappy Birthday

Tina opened the door and walked in the toilet, hiding in the corner. The toilet flushed as a boy walked out.

“Hey Tina, what are you doing here ?” asked Jake “leave me alone.” responded Tina. Jake walked out of the toilet confused. Tina could not stop thinking about her cancelled birthday.

Jake walked into the classroom and started chatting to his friend . A moment later , Tina walked in and sat at the back . “why are you chatting instead of doing your work ? Jake started to write. Tina did her work in silent

At breaktime Tina hid behind a tree and started thinking about her birthday.  Jake approached Tina and wondered why she was so sad.  Tina felt embarrassed to see Jake standing and staring at her.  Tina panicked, how could she explain everything to Jake?

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