Grumbling Graveyard

Sneaking down the stairs, Jake dodged the second step in case it made a big bang. When he got to the  bottom, Jake hesitated, but all he could hear was silence. Scratching on the door, the big bulldog was running around the kitchen.

It was only about 10 minutes later when Jake entered grumbling graveyard. All he could see was old greasy burgers and pizza dumped everywhere. Darkness filled the air as mosquitoes flew around the gravestones Jake could smell beautiful fresh air and could hear a little breeze: it was a be a lovely day!

Happily, Jake sat down next to the log cabin and he could taste the wood. It was very empty in the graveyard, nobody was there. But for a split second he saw an evil icy dragon inside whizzing up the stairs. Jake stared into the window but it never came back. All night, Jake just sat there. Eventually he laid down, and slept, dreaming of a huge monster with giant, big red eyes.

Three hours later, he woke up. Something was creeping towards him. Who was it? Exhausted, clueless, and scared, Jake raced across the forest. What was there? Where were they? Jake was getting hot, but not from the clammy weather. But for a moment he paused. He could hear somebody breathing. Then a cyan eye flickered. THEN, a loud voice moaned in the distance…

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