Cautiously, Luke crawled out the window stepping down the ladder. Quietly ,hoping not to wake the house from its slumber as he set foot on the grass which swayed in the wind.

Later after he had snuck away from home.Luke saw something huge.What was it?It had seemed to be the remains of the city Olympis it was once the place where all the rich lived now it’s just left to rot.He gazed upon the fallen skyscrapers it was breath-taking. No wonder everyone wanted to live here.

but as soon as he felt safe he wasn’t. He looked around in confusion until two red blood lusting eyes gloomed in the mist Luke’s heart stoped pumping for  a splint second. Luke ran for his life with his heart in his throat he ran and ran until he lost it he tuck a moment to breath but he didn’t know that would be his last he turned around and in a blink of an eye. Everything turned BLACK…..

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