Suspense Hot Task

Dustin had borrowed his camper van from his parents, he had asked his friends if they wanted to go to an old farm park that used to be open for visits. Him and his friends would be trespassing but since the farm park is so old there’s a big lack of security, like cameras aren’t there, there aren’t any sensors either. When they where on there way to the farm park, Dustin asked if they could park up and then get some rest, and after that they could wake up early and go exploring? All of Dustin’s friends said that they don’t normally wake up too early, but they said they could go out at eleven o’clock, but that was too late for Dustin because he’s an early riser. It was 2 am in the morning when Dustin woke up and and for half an hour he was tossing and turning, trying to get back too sleep. He just couldn’t get back to sleep, because he was just too exited.

Dustin opened the camper van door as carefully as he could to try not to wake anyone up. Dustin thought to lock the door, but still leave a key inside for his friends. They had came to the farm park in winter, so it felt very frosty when Dustin got outside, the air was icey but very fresh. He had put his gloves on but his hands still felt extremely num, same for his nose.

Dustin and his friends hadn’t parked inside the farm park because the only way they could get in was through some snapped fence wire near the gate.

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