7:30  am

Time for school said Lilly’s  mum. She ever so slowly got up out of bed and walked down stairs.

Her mum gave her some coco pops and a glass of orange juice she ate it up in under ten minutes .She got her uniform on and did her hair and set off.  By the time she got to school she was late. She got a 10 minute detention for being late but it’s not her fault she tripped over .

Her mum was not impressed, therefore she grounded her for two days. I don’t blame her ,it’s the second time this week she’s got a detention . 6:00 am her mum woke her up what  it’s only six yep  .Her mum said I got you up this early to do chores have a shower and go to school early so you don’t get a detention  after school . Great I didn’t get deenition  so I should get my phone back right. Her mum said finish your chores then you’ll get it back . She got her phone back and went to bed. All year no more detention.

The moral of the story is get up early and be productive .

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