Suspense Writing by Lenny

As the sun shone, Zac crept down the rickety stairs. He peered out the window and thought to himself, ‘ how is it night already?’ He knew he had to disappear. He hopped in his Ferrari. Suddenly, his mobile started to ring. He answered  it and someone said, “look outside your Ferraris window…” Zac then wondered what on earth was going on? He got out of his Ferrari and saw some red stains on his neighbours window.

Curiosity got ahed of him. He then headed towards his neighbours house and found some flashing lights. It was 3:03AM. He sprinted back to his Ferrari. He did not want to know what had happened. He drove his Ferrari into the forest. He eventually got to the middle of the forest (Dead mans land). He found the ruins of the school of DOOM! 

Again, curiosity got ahed of him. Zac then found some flashing lights. He wandered over to them. They had black specs in the middle of them. He wondered if they were eyes. They were indeed… He then heard a high pitch scream! Zac was worried. Suddenly, he heard breathing…

It was just then when the thunder crackled over his head. Zac jumped back into his Ferrari and drove off at 381MPH. Finally, he was out of that situation. 

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