In a snowy village far far away you should hear a tip tapping sound.  Pouncing off the rocks and landing softly on his feet, the shogun of the shadows finely stepped into the light. ‘He’ was a black and white friendly feline.”Hi ******” purred Haihai.

“Oh you scared me,” exclaimed ******, a friendly, golden retriever . At that moment she was laying out a map ready for their new samurai adventure. She liked Haihai and often cooked him his favourite meals. SUDDENLY two glaring eyes shimmered in the dark ally. While Haihai put on his samurai armour, a growl could be heard in the distance. ****** grabbed her sword and Haihai clutched his bow and arrows. The growl got louder until… a wolf pounced at ****** ,”aaaaaaaaahhhhh” screamed Haihai. Quickly he got his bow and arrow and aimed at the wolf.

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