Around the corner

It was a dark gloomy night,Jessie was walking home from her best friends 14 birthday party. Jessie was trying to focus but for some reason her mind kept telling her mind kept telling her that there was someone watching her. Jessie kept denning this thought, she tried everything she could. Jessie just couldn’t get away from this thought! She decided to just look behind her to see that nothing is there and it’s just her mind playing tricks on her. Right she decided at the next crossing she was going to look behind her so if there is anyone there, they know that Jessie knows. So at the next crossing she looked behind her and saw …

“OMG OMG OMG OMG NO NO NO NOOO this can’t be happening no this can’t be happening!” Jessie’s mind went blank she could not believe her eyes. This can’t be happening she thought everything her mind said was true, she couldn’t believe it. Jessie went completely blind. As soon as Jessie got her head straight she felt a hand on her shoulder …


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