Bella- The nerdy kid and the cool kid

Just as Mrs Hatt  was getting to the good bit in our book, Joxan burst in and said hi to her in a smirkish tone. People often wander how I put up with Joxan being my friend. After he came in, the book was never the same for he kept throwing paper aeoropanes at Mrs Hatt,

At breaktime he came over to me and explained how he was bunking off he said it was cool, I said it was not cool.

“Stop being such a goody-two-shoes!” he said a little louder so everbody could hear. Instantly, the whole school broke into a chant shouting:

“GOODY-TWO-SHOES, GOODY-TWO-SHOES!” The words stung my ears . Maybe people were right maybe I shoudn’t put up with Joxan. For some reason, I felt like crying and Joxan obviously saw.

“Geese Amir, I was just joking” cried Joxan harshly.

“Yeah well sometimes it hurts!” I shouted, finally finding some strength…

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