Blood Pond Forest

Stealthily, I crept down the stairs, dodging the third and fifth step in case it creaked. If your wondering I am Sky and my mum won’t let me got out. At the bottom I paused and all I could hear was a silence that seemed to fill the air with sleep. The dog barked at me begging and begging to be let out, but I ran.

About ten minutes later, I entered the one and only Blood Pond Forest. Tall trees glistened in the sunlight whilst the sun filtered through the tree branches, casting ebony shadows. It wasn’t long until I reached the pond that lay there all day as still as a frozen leaf. A few happy, busy bees buzzed busily whilst I sat down.

I sat down underneath the trees by a pond watching the dragonflies fly around and the frogs jumping on lilly pads. It was here exactly here that I found the fairy yesterday. All afternoon I waited but still no sign of the fairy, as hours passed my eyelids began to shut and then I slept dreaming of crystal towers being invaded  by black, scaled goblins. I woke with a start. The sunlight had slipped behind the trees, blood was dripping from the red flowers and shadows engulfed me with fear. The pond seemed as though i was frozen blood waiting to melt. It was dark. A cold breeze whispered my name through the reeds. I could feel a shudder wandering up my spine. A twig snapped, something growled, what was it?

Carefully, I peered into the darkness. A vague silhouette darted again.Suddenly, I saw an orange eye with a penetrating gaze that burned into my soul like hot coal. I nearly froze in fear as I thought this was my last day that I get to see Earth.

Forgeting about fairy’s, I darted towards the exit, not caring about brambles, sticks and stingy nettle.something grabbed me, I tried to fight back and let myself free but I couldn’t. It was to late…..I woke up somewhere but not Earth. I don’t know where I am but I wish I could go back….

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