As the door creaked open, Ali stepped in to see the office but he didn’t know how to get to the attic. He crept up the stairs. The stairs creaked behind him as he opened the attic door.Ali saw old things. He heard a voice was someone else here with him? He checked the room but no one was there. Suddenly, slammed on him he tried to open it but it was locked! Someone must of locked him in it couldn’t of  locked it self. When Ali looked around he saw a shattered window and a lit fireplace. Ali didn’t like this. He looked for a fire exit. When he found one he opened it and found his dad that died in 2016. He joyfully said,”hi Ali.” Ali was really panicked and confused why was his dad here? Ali went to give him a hug but instead he tripped and fell on the ground. He was a ghost! He knew why he was a ghost because there family forgot to give him a funnierl for him. “Can you open the door?” he asked “No only if your a person does it.” Ali took a step through the door exit but then a terrifying light of thunder hit the floor.”You can only five steps until the whol place burned down.” He replied “Do you know who locked us in?”  “Your mother.”

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