Doge ball

On a sunny day at school  , it was time to do exhausting PE ,this week was doge ball .We all dragged are self to the hall and sat down in a space on the shiny floor .The teacher Mr Lero (the PE teacher) asked us what we were doing this week .Jessica’s hand shot up in the air it was like a reflex “DOGE BALL SIR !”she shouted .Jesica is a professional gymnast.”thank you Jessica now every one split up into 2 groups !”Mr Lero exclaimed .

whilst I was moping and dragging my feet along to the right side ,Conner (the bully)shoved me to the ground and callled me a nerd.After that ,a decided to get up and grab a ball but the only one left was pink but I grabbed it anyway. Meenwhile when I got to the spot I could see every one aiming for me .In the hall the whistle was blown with a loud “peeeeeeeeeep!!!”the balls were thrown like gun shots but all at me and ,suddenly Conner through a ball with all his might it came at me like a sling shot.

The ball knocked me down to the floor and the whole class bursted out with laughter and my glassed were shattered .My heart missed a beat.

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