Ghosts in the house

One day, I crept into Mr McGregor ‘ s attic. I looked around the it. Suddenly, the fire lit up and the door slammed closed. I couldn’t find away out. Just then, I heard a voice in my telling me to pull open the fire place so I did. When I opened it, I found a tiny door. I heard foot steps down stairs. I hid in the tiny room. The door finally opened and the foot steps came into the room with me. When the foot steps went, I looked around the tiny room. It was so dark I used the light on my phone.When I found the rooms light switch , I felt  breathing on my neck. I termed around and none was behind me. An old decoration fell onto the floor. I was so spooked that I nearly cried. The breathing was behind me again. What was it ? I looked more around until there was sleeping potion and it feel onto the floor. Suddenly, I feel asleep.

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