Nightmares by Will Gibson

Jeremy woke up with a startclenching his bed covers as he caught his breath. Panting like a dog, he carefully tiptoed down the stairs and made his way into the kitchen where he made a lovely warm cup of hot-chocolate. He was just about to make his way back upstairs again when three loud thuds came from the door. THUD THUD THUD! His heart jumped into his throat. What should he do? It came again, even louder this time THUD THUD THUD!! Jeremy had no choice but to open it. He slowly unlocked the white wooden door. When it flung open no one was there. Jeremy peered cautiously around the corner just to double check when, SLAM! The door shut closed and a slender dark figure stood in front of it. Without thinking, Jeremy ran. The figure following behind. As fast as he could, he rushed into the woods, branches whipping, thorns slicing. He knew he hadn’t lost him and he was tiring himself out. Galloping could be heard from behind. He was just about to give up when, silence. No bird twittered, no branch snapped, just silence. Jeremy was safe, or so he thought. Walking back home through the nettle infested bushes a young girl lay on the floor. She was as pale as snow and as cold as ice. All of a sudden, lightning whipped the earth and the clock struck twelve. Leaves crackled. Jeremy knew death awaited.

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