Phantom Ghost

At Newbury high school, where teachers would involve students to participate in class every day, is normal for 

any school.On Thursday morning, Ridian Morris’s a student who is a friend to everyone was late. He has bright green eyes with long thick blonde hair along with a white long sleeve T-shirt and black trousers. However a secret has been kept for many years, a secret that is to be unknown. Mr John, ridians teacher 

was frustrated for the second time as he screamed”your late again!” He had bulging red eyes which ridian

had never seen before, along with his neat shirt and pristine shoes. The boys face was shook with horror as he ran out of the class.


But of nowhere Mr John was a ghost. “Come back here!” Mr John shouted as his echoing voice travelled across the building. Ridian quickly pulled out his phone from his backpack and went into the ghost app and 

fired away. Would this young boy be able to deafest this or let these horrible beasts conquer our planet?

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