The anti-hero’s wrath by Rowan and Sammy

The anti-hero was supposed to be a myth, and it was a myth until 16 years ago when an ordinary 11 year old boy experienced the worst of the worst…

Joey was trekking around the local area when he noticed a mansion of midnight marble. He was curious about the contents and opened the large, wooden door with a creak. “Get out of here!” came a voice. Joey ignored it and crept onward. “Last warning!” came another voice. It didn’t work.

As he explored he couldn’t find anything until…BANG!! When he went to investigate, he entered the largest room. The room was full of artefacts: trophies, gold and even a diamond! He took some and then saw a pair of fully white eyes. Joey dropped it all, quickly grabbed the diamond and ran.

“HOW DARE YOU!” Joey saw the white eyes again, then he was no more.

The morale: never enter a mansion of midnight marble, or you will end up the same as Joey – dead…

“Never take what isn’t yours!”

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