The border – Kai TJS

Cautiously Jimmothy crept around careful not to creek any floorboards he silently left the house. Without a sound he ran and ran and ran all the way to the mysterious city border. Endless miles and miles of desert were before him.


No-one had ever crossed the border not even the king of the city. It was to dangerous. But jimmothy was disobedient , he was as soon as he understood words. Nothing would stop him not even death knew there was an extremely low chance of survival but he didn’t care , danger was his middle name. Jimmothy danger Jimmothy.


He cautiously stepped over the border , he was sweating out of fright . But he would never admit it. He admired the scenery , this place wasn’t as dangerous as he though all of those tales must have been fabricated. No-one could have been more wrong.


The red sand was occasionally glistening in the scorching sunlight. The spiky cactuses begged for a hug. Minuscule lizards rustled in the sand and small plants. It was glorious. After a while Jimmothy realised he had been here for hours he needed to go otherwise he would be late for hoverboarding with his friends. 

“Hmm which way home?”


“Oh! Over there!” he could see the pinnacles of the tall buildings. This wasn’t a hallucination he as sure , which was correct. He was getting closer about 1 mile away. He sapphire hoodie blew in the wind. It started to rain. “Wait what it’s raining heavily in the DESERT?!?!”. This was true and terrible . 


He could hear loud rustles and grunts not from lizards. A two blood-red ruby eyes flickered

“ W-w-what’s happening?”. Silently a vague silhouette rose up behind him. Revealing claws as sharp as freshly forged swords. One thing was rushing through his head . Run. He sprinted for meters and meters. But was exhausted after running for so long . Who knew a mile was so long! Yet he had only ran half. Ducking behind a Boulder he decided to rest

“No way that thing followed me here,”. A scaly tail wrapped around the bolder. Jimmothy scrambled backwards ripping  his denim jeans on the rough sand and sharp stones. He quickly stood up. A snake like head stared at him with narrow eyes and tall scaly , emerald body.


This time Jimmothy sprinted all the way home through the border. Pushing people as he went. Words could not describe his fear.


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