The cottage by kaidenSH

On an adventure, a young man claimed up a cliff.He was getting tired but he keep on saying to himself ‘don’t give up’ so he didn’t.

He finally reached the top and saw a old,crucked and mossy building.He heard noises as he went closer like a dragons wing.He looked up and saw nothing and then he looked down and heard it again,then he looked up again and saw the dragon laying its wing for him.He just egnored it and went closer and opened the door.What was in it?

He opened the door and there eggs,what type of eggs?He slammed the door shut and ran through one of the holes.Vines,branches and plants all in his way.He started to reach the drop.When he reached the drop he saw a waterfall and went down it.

The dragon was chasing him like he was faster than sound.He sat on a log on the waterfall and of he went. He lost the dragon but did he really?

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