The Crazy Collision

Craig, a young boy with thick brown hair, was the school bully at Why You Dumb Elementary school. One morning on the way to school he decided to use all of his cruel techniques to bully one certain boy named Peter. Peter was a lovely, kind person but didn’t know how to defend himself, this made him the perfect target for Craig. However something very unexpected happened that morning. 

He’s how it happened. Craig was walking in a group of 4, him, Terrible Tom, Meanie Max and Crazy Clara. You would never want to come across this group. They always walked in a peculiar way swaying from side to side with a hunched back. This never seemed normal to Peter, he had always walked in a normal non-peculiar way. It was Victoria Street where the crazy event happened….

Peter was waddling along excited for today’s history lesson, his favourite, when Craig and his squad struck. As soon as Peter’s high viz jacket caught his eye he screamed, “There he is!” The terrible troopers sprinted over and surrounded the innocent helpless boy. Or so they thought. In a circular shape, they grinned in an evil way. Suddenly at least 100 other school kids appeared and charged. The bullies were scared out of their skin! They ran and never came back. Since that day no one from Why You Dumb Elementary School was bullied again.

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