The creature

In the old run down house and there was a brave kid called Callum.As he was creeping around the house he heard something drop on the floor so he hid in a dark place.After a while he came out of his hiding spot and kept looking around the house.

Later Callum had finished looking around so he were going back to the stairs but he felt some type of freezing cold air being blown on his neck and he started to run and so did the thing that was chasing him but then lost the creature.After, when the creature had stopped looking for him he tried to find a way out but Callum couldn’t because most of the house fell down there was no way to escape.Callum were trying to find a way out but at the corner of his eye he found a window that were half open and it had an obstacle to get to it.You had to jump over a hole, climb along the banister and jump(again)to the window, so he jumped over the hole climbed along the banister and he jumped to the window and he was out.

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