The mystery criminal by Asiya

At Tudor Primary School there is  a mystery  criminal . Zara! She cuts her nails with her curled knife. She sits sheltered away in the attic, which allows her to stare at the children  from above. She has long ginger hair, and wears a torn cloak. She has a clear voice. Zara is searching for the dumbest child in school, so she can capture with her. She wants to take them to her evil lair in the attic.

Zara spots Poppy. She is a well known singer. Poppy’s has a narrow shape body, Zara ran to the roof and jumped down quickly and grabbed Poppy by the hand and took her to the lair dragging her by her foot. By the time they got to the lair, Poppy’s shoes were damaged and her skirt was ripped. 

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