The old cottage

Forgetting about her fellow girl scouts, Tess decided to go into the woods. Ignoring all the “turn back NOW!” signs, she crept into the woods. After a long ten minutes, she got to a point where an old looking, abandoned cottage stood in front of her.

It looked like it was begging her to come inside, but Tess was also very curious about what was in there. She took a deep breath and walked in the cottage. On top of the ceiling grew black mould. The house looked… like…something was still living there. Because there was still a hot cup of coffee on a table downstairs. Also because the food on the table was still in date.

Tess walked upstairs. All the doors were missing, except for one room which had a polished, brown door. She opened the door and inside was a pitch black room with wax candles on the floor. She was really freaked out.

Tess heard a “ehehehe” noise. She didn’t dare turn around. But she knew she had to. So she slowly did… She was shocked. She saw a tall skinny black figure with bright white eyes. The creature was smiling at her. It had yellow, pointy teeth with something red splattered on there.  Tess was so scared she fell over. The creature pounced up at her and… let’s just say she was never seen again.

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