The old wood

Ben moved steadily  down the steps and tiptoed to the front door, now their door was ver y creaky, so he opened it slowly. The outside air was nice and fresh, he wanted to go to the woods that people said was full of monsters.

Ben stealthily creaped to the woods. Ben scanned the area to check for those slimy beasts, but to his suprise there was none. He jumped with glea. As soon as he did that a horrid laugh came from the distanst. He heard it so he started to shiver, he moved from tree to tree.

He creaped to the monster to see what it was, he saw light red eyes staring at him. What was it! It was so slimy and green but it stared like a hawk spying on it’s prey. It lashed out it’s claws to try and grab Ben.

He ran and he ran and he ran. He got to the road that led to his house he galloped  on the pavment to his house to see if his family was awake it. Was light.

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