The Shocking Shadow

Cautiously,Myah ran down the stairs missing the the last step because she new it was the noisy one.Her dog energetically jumped on Myah. Then Myah suddenly remembered that she forgot to let the dog out the night before.There was something glowing in the far corner of her garden. Myah walked towards the portal door,she peered in and gasped.Her instincts were telling her to run away but her body was telling her to go in. Myah walked in BANG! The door closed behind her. Everything was like the night sky… black. There was no other option but to walk forward.

Myah ended up in a foggy forest. She could feel little wet droplets on her arm.Wolves howled into the blood moon Myah could see fog ascending in the distance. Murky silhouettes all around her.She could hear the screams of a baby or was it?Myah arrived following the sound of screaming.But it wasn’t a baby when she found it…In the distance, Myah could see mysteriously red,eyes moving from side to side and sharp whiskers like wire…what was it?




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