The Terror of Horror

One stormy night, the 4 census were playing  truth or dare.  And one of them got a dare hundred years I am skint Madison jeez yeah I will come with him yet for the House of Lords was seven down his spine and the others know Step through the doorstep running to Step through the doorstep running to Wendy’s in to the house and quickly scanned the other onion ones in the room sorted girl that looked it seven years old and yes you disappeared only here and I didn’t hear that one of the friends saidEven though my God what is gone behind it there was a black three big big ball shaped like a werewolf the figures rub him into the darkness mind and he was disappeared into freaking out we should stick together thank you that kidnapped your friend only went up to the stairs and then wagon saw Jen and then he said that he was going to surrender for the orange sacrifice no I did not do it little of them said loud loud banging on the door saying your name and then they heard a bang on the door bricked opening in the last hundred just all my God you’re so dead we shouldn’t play truth or dare and chilled I hated early loud scream aloud is as a werewolf Day rush are you coming upstairs bay was too late the same figure was holding his friend with a knife please do not hurt me the guy said when he was gay and then returning to darkness he tripped over I’m going to die he said to shove in through the darkness oh my God do you said onion day Russian side Do you wanna play a game with little boys said they were all shocked but it was on in the house it was outside where the grave was they didn’t know yeah it was great but the grease the way was shaking and then I suddenly popped out of its like it was on the movies and then the other guy escaped from the dark boring but do you have a cut on his face that was escape the house and never went yet to play truth or dare again the end

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