In the savannah

You are a cheeky cheetah, 
sprinting spritely across
the sun lit savannah,

You are an energetic elephant,
slowly stomping through the 
shimmering, soft sand,

You are a zebra,
zig zagging through the
tall, wild, swaying grass,

You are a galloping gazelle,
swiftly racing over the toasty,
ricked rocks,

You are a wonderous wildebeest,
grazing joyfully at the sweet taste 
of crunchy, crispy grass,

You are a wallowing hippo,
submerged in the bustling watering hole
nose emerging like the tip of an iceberg,

You are the savannah,
sun-kissed land
shimmering in the setting sun.

One Response to “In the savannah”

  1. This is a lovely poem, Erin. I really like have you have stuck to a theme throughout rather than just pick random objects. It helps me to imagine the African Savannah. Thank you for submitting your poem, we can’t wait to read more.

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