You are unique Shetland

You are a crisp cold day

Making me shiver from my nose to my toes

As I walk over the hill.


You are the peerie* colourful Puffin (peerie-small in Shetland dialect)

Standing in its cliff-edge burrow

Waiting for its mum to return with its dinner.


You are the purple heather

Clinging beautifully to the hill

As I run and roll down it.


You are the shiny silvery moon and the twinkling stars

Shining in the pitch black sky

Out of my bedroom window.


You are the cold wet sand

Getting washed by the

Stormy grey sea.


You are the playful snow white lambs

Jumping around in the green park

Making the most of the long midsummer.


You are the beautiful green Mirrie Dancers*   (aurora borealis in Shetland dialect)

Dancing across the midnight sky

Putting on a show for those below.


You are the smooth round pebbles

Getting kicked around by the sea

Waiting to be picked up and taken home by me.


You are the fierce lashing wild wind

Throwing up seawater on our windows

While we are trying to sleep.


You are an interesting rock pool

Bursting with creatures like crabs and starfish

Waiting for me to come and explore you.


You are the elegant elusive orca

Gliding through the deep blue sea

All the way from Iceland to come and visit me.


You are unique Shetland

I can’t wait for my next adventure with you.








17 Responses to “You are unique Shetland”

  1. This is a fantastic poem, Isla. I’ve learned some new words! The description of the Aurora Borealis as “Mirrie Dancers” seems so apt! I do hope you can write more on the blog and I will look forward to learning more words in the Shetland dialect.

  2. Wow! I loved your poem, Isla! I loved learning some of your Shetland words, and I am going to share your poem with my daughter (she’s 6) tomorrow and I am absolutely sure she will love it too.
    The way you described your life in the island helped me see it in my mind, and think how lovely it would be to see the orcas come, or explore the rock pools.
    How long have you been writing poetry? Do you have any tips for my daughter?

  3. Beatrice Wishart MSP January 15, 2021 at 1:50 pm

    Hello Isla,
    What a beautiful expression of
    Shetland’s uniqueness and what our islands mean to those of us lucky to live here. As the LINK orca species champion I especially love that you weaved them into your poem. Please continue with your writing. It’s so creative and quite wonderful.
    With best wishes.

  4. Beautiful poem Isla. You are very talented and have put in your poem all the things I too love about Shetland. We are so lucky to live here.

  5. Elizabeth Edwards January 15, 2021 at 6:46 pm

    You are some wordsmith Isla! X

  6. Isla your poem is beautiful! Well done for producing something as lively as this!

  7. And I did mean lovely!

  8. Carol MacDonald January 15, 2021 at 6:57 pm

    I really enjoyed your poem Isla! That was fantastic! Really good descriptions and some fancy words. I could imagine myself at every place you mentioned. Thankyou

  9. Just finished reading your wonderful poem Isla. You truly brought to life everything about life in Shetland. I will have to let your cousins read it.
    I ken that your Granny and Grandad will be very proud of you.
    I do hope that we will be able to get back home to see you later this year and experience once more some of the wonderful things you describe in your poem.

  10. Love your poem Isla. Beautiful description of your lovely homeland.

  11. Dear Isla,
    What a beautiful poem. Your words sum up Shetland and make me want to come and visit again. Keep writing! Your creativity will surely inspire others to grab a pencil and jot down their thoughts. Very well done.
    Suzanne (your mum’s friend)

  12. Hi Isla,

    Reading your poem brought me back to Shetland and I can see the rock pools at Aith and the peerie Puffin at
    Sumburgh. A truly wonderful poem as I can just imagine myself there.

  13. Margaret mcniven January 15, 2021 at 7:53 pm

    Well done Isla. Great description of all the special things about Shetland. Keep writing ,you have great talent.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  14. Ann-Marie Angus January 15, 2021 at 8:15 pm

    Wow Isla, what a fantastic poem.

  15. Hello Isla
    Whit a brilliant poem, joost sums up Shetland perfectly and all da adventures you hav living here – we ir so lucky tae live here.
    Keep on writing – Weel done.
    Love Sharon x

  16. Well done Isla. Brilliant use of language, and you included so many aspects of Shetland.

  17. Isla, your poem was wonderful. It reminds me of what I can see when I return to Shetland. The sights, sounds, and feelings are very well described. Makes me want to be there.

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